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Large Camera Bag
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A large, light and easy to carry backpack, which opens from its backside.
The bag is allows an easy and comfortable carry of much of your daily photography needs.
The bag's main compartment includes easily changeable separators for maximum efficiency and versatility.
Can carry a DSLR or mirrorless camera with up to a 70-200 lens, in addition to 4 other standard lens, a flash, filters, charger, batteries and a laptop up to 15".
The bag has a side compartment for a tripod or light stand, which is easily opened and secured.
The bag's front has another compartment for other small accessories.

17.32x11.41" (44X29cm)
Depth: 6.29" (16cm)

Compartment/Usable Space Dimensions:
16.53x10.23" (42X26cm)
Depth: 5.11" (13cm)

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