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F400 TTL Portable flash
Cat #F400

The F400 is a powerful 400W studio flash, powered by a rechargeable battery.
The set includes a BOWENS adapter for an easy connection to a wide array of studio equipment, and a 14cm reflector.
The studio is exceptionally strong, and is especially designed for demanding outside and studio photography.
Supports TTL functions, and high-speed syncing HSS for up to 1/8000s.
Includes a modeling bulb.
Also available with a transmitter for remote operation and control.

Model F1-400
Wireless Slave Mode Radio mode, Optical Wireless mode (compatible with Nikon and Canon)
Flash Mode Radio off: TTL/M/Multi/S1/S2
Radio slave mode: TTL/M/Multi
Optical Wireless slave mode: TTL/M/Multi
Radio Slave Unit Compatible Camera Nikon camera I-TTL/M/RPT flash master unit Q1, etc.)
EOS E-TTL camera II/M/MULTI CANON flash (master unit Q1, etc)
Flash index (1/1 gear) 63 (ISO100M)
Flash duration 1/220 1/10000 seconds
Step 22:1/128~1/1
Multi flash With (Times: 40 times; frequency: 199Hz)
Flash exposure compensation (FEC) Manual, surrounded exposure: in between + 3 steps to 1/3 steps for incremental adjustment
Synchronous mode High speed sync (max 1/8000 seconds), front curtain synchronization, second curtain sychronization
Masker V
Fan V
Buzzer V
Lamp (LED) 10W
Light flash S1/S2, E-TTL C, i-TTL N
Flash Duration V
Wireless Flash (optical transmission 2.4G Wireless Transmission) Dot matrix screen
Wireless Function Slave unit, off
Controlled Slave Unit Group Optical: 2 Groups: A, B, C
2.4G: 4 Groups: A, B, C, D
Transmission Range (Approx) Optical: Indoor: 12~15 meters, Outdoor: 8~10 meters
2.4G: 100m
Channel Optical: 4 Groups: 1, 2, 3, 4
2.4G: 16 Groups: 1~16
Power Supply Power Supply (14.8V/3200mAh)
Number of Flash in Full Power 350 times
Recycle Time Approx 0.01-2.5s
Battery Indicator V
Save Power The flash will turn off automatically in one hour when not in operation
Synchronous Trigger Mode 3.5mm synchronous wire, wireless control socket
Color Temperature 5600+-200K
Volume (including battery) 250x160x100mm
Net Weight (Including Battery) 1.96kg

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