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EF-200 studio led light
Cat #EF200

A professional and powerful Daylight LED light, compatible with any softbox, umbrellas, and any other studio equipment with  Bowens connection.
Especially designed for digital and video photography, this 200W light is as powerful as a 2000W noral Halogen light.
Envirnment-friendly, and offers around 90% energy-savings.
Built out of solid and reliable aluminium.

Power in LUX
100% brightness, 1 meter distance - 33670 LUX
100% brightness, 2 meter distance - 7962 LUX
10% brightness, 1 meter distance - 9690 LUX
10% brightness, 2 meter distance - 2327 LUX

Possible combination with a remote control for on/off and power output control.

Does not include a reflector!

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