ECv-600 Flash
Cat #ECV600

Aluminum alloy
Ensures a reliable and professional use
inside and outside the studio.
Cooling Fan
Protecting your flash and ensures
a stable and safe operation for years to come, even under
harsh conditions and intensive work.
Warning system against overheating
Protect electronic circuits
6 F-stops:
1/1-1/32 for full control
and flexible flash intensity.
Quick charging time
Charging time of 0.6 to 1.3 seconds insures a
fast and effective work flow.
Time to flashbulbs 1/1800s
Complete control of Modeling bulb
Includes 150W modeling lamp with full power control,
for maximum reflection of lighting conditions
prior to flashing.
Flash power of 600W
An intense Light bulb that evenly disperses
the lighting on large surfaces.
Three methods flashlight
Test Button
Optical SLAVE 
Sync cable

Chart Control 
1. modeling light ON/OFF button while flashing. 
2. ON/OFF optical SLAVE button. 
3. modeling light ON/OFF button. 
4. Flash power Indicator. 
5. ON/OFF Full power button for modeling light. 
6. TEST button 
7. general ON/OFF button. 
8. SYNC cable entry. 
9. Inlet power cord and fuse (above)

More Info
Guide number 56 (600W)
Charging cycle Time 0.6-1.3s
Flash control Power 6 F-STOPS : 1/32-1/1
Charging indicator LED / Voice indicator /Modeling light
DURATION 1/1800s
Color temparature 5500K ּ+/- 200K
Voltage stability 1%
Modeling lamp  AC 220V - 150W E27
Modeling light power control Full / Off / Energy Output Control Knob
Flashing methode IR / Remote control / Sync cabel / Test botton
Voltage Sync DC 7V
Voltage Operating AC195     250V   50HZ  15AFUSE
Weight 2.1 Kg
Dimensions 270L X 132H X 195W

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