DII-200 Flash
Cat #DII200

Digital Compact Flash 
Designed for the professional and beginner
photographers alike. easy to operate. 
6 F-stops
1/1-1/32 for full control 
and flexible flash intensity. 
Quick charging time 
Charging time of 0.5 to 1.8 seconds insures a
fast and effective work flow.
Three methods flashlight 
Including an optical SLAVE, sync cable, and TEST button 

Stable performance 
Avoiding overheating problems even in continuous flashes 
Modeling Lamp
Modeling lamp power of 50W 
Flash Lamp 
With a Power of 200W 
Flash Duration 
Speed ​​up to 1/1600s flashlight

More Info

Charging Time 0.5~1.8s
LED indicator LED
Temperature Color 5500K±200K
Modeling lamp 50W
Operating Methods Optical SLAVE / SYNC / Test
Modeling Light Power Full
Voltage SYNC 5V DC
Operation Voltage AC 180~240V 50/60Hz Fuse
Weight 0.7Kg
Size 170X120X160mm


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