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CL-580 Mini Portable Studio Kit
Cat #CL580KIT


The PROVISION CL-580  Mini Portable Studio Kit is especially designed for outdoor shooting.

It includes two wireless light sources, transmitter and two recivers
for perfect control.
it is supplied with a carry bag so you can carry it anywhere you want.

The PROVISION CL-580 Mini Portable Studio Kit is perfect for photographers
who want to shoot outside their studio. 

The Kit includes

x2 Provision CL-580 SpeedLights
x2 J-200 Light Stands (78"/198cm height)
x1 Transmitter
x2 Receivers
x2 M11 Shoe Mount Umbrella Adapter
x2 White Translucent Umbrella 33" (85cm)
x1 Carry Bag 


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