AMT-5 Tripod - ORANGE

A compact and massive tripod, made out of aluminium alloy.
Includes a high-quality BH-2 ball-head.
Includes 4 leg part and 3 leg joints, for use in any type of terrain.
Easily foldable with its legs up, with a folded-length of just 37cm - allows high portability, and is excellent for outside photography.
The BH-2 is a ball-head with an ability to carry up to 10kg, and features a vertical and horizontal level for perfect balancing.
Easily convertible into a mono-pod by a quick disassembly, and allows mounting of legs attachments similar to the AMP-5 monopod.

Comes in five different colors:
Black, blue, gold, orange and red.

Max hight: 57" (1,450mm)
Folded: 14.56" (370mm)
Max carry weight: 10kg
Weight: 1.72kg
Leg joints/levels: 5
Twist locking system.

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